Dweller Rush

Dweller Rush 1.4

A refreshing take on the conventional match 3 game

If you love match 3 games, but are bored with the current crop, then Dweller Rush might be just the download for you. This latest puzzler from Digital White boasts colourful graphics, dynamic animations and a refreshing take on the conventional match 3 game.

All the usual game play mechanics are there, only this time with the added benefit of explosive combinations and devastating triggers to help clear the board in record time. You'll have no trouble cutting through to the final levels with a fully stocked arsenal of powerful boosters and bonuses, with more ways to play and win than ever before.

Dweller Rush is incredibly easy to get to grips with, but proves increasingly tricky to master at the most difficult levels. Made for touchscreen devices, it only takes a few tapes and swipes to master the game board and clear matching symbols, requiring little finesse and in-depth strategy to master.

Faced with a particularly tricky combination to match and clear? Give yourself a helping hand, with impressive power-ups including bombs and thunder bolts to clear entire swathes of the board in a single moment.

Download and install on your Android phone today for free and you could playing in no time at all. Perfect for making the most of your downtime, Dweller Rush offers is incredibly addictive and requires bags of concentration to achieve a perfect score. Looking to set an all time high score?

Set yourself the task of winning in time trial mode, then reap the benefits by cashing in your points and bonuses for symbol-busting bombs and bolts. Still having trouble clearing the board? Give yourself the best chance at success by stocking up your arsenal with in-app purchases.

Rated PEGI 3, this family-friendly match three game is suitable for even younger children. With cute and colourful graphics and no violence or gore, parents can let little ones play on with total peace of mind. Parents should note that this game does include in-app purchases, so parental controls should be enabled to ensure no extras are downloaded and purchased unintentionally.

Dweller Rush


Dweller Rush 1.4

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